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Consolidate 911 & Emergency Operations Center

Designed in association with Architects Design Group LLC
Charleston County   |   Charleston, South Carolina 

This 18,000 SF facility, certified LEED Gold by the USGBC, combines 911 call activities from eight (8) disparate centers into a central Call Center. The building provides an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate disaster response activities for the tri-county area of Charleston. The building houses offices and support spaces for the 911 Department, sleeping areas, and a data/backup center. The EOC includes a master control room, offices, training rooms, a press debriefing area and support spaces.

The building is designed with hardened exterior walls meeting FEMA design criteria for an “essential” facility as per the International Building Code and meets all related seismic and wind debris guidelines as defined in the Department of Energy’s Natural Phenomena Hazards Design and Evaluation Criteria. Force protection measures such as a secure controlled perimeter and items meet the standards established by the Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for New and Existing Buildings, Homeland Security Comprehensive Model (HLSCAM) and the United States Air Force Installation Force Protection Guide.


Project Team: 

Associate Architect: Architects Design Group, LLC

MEP Engineer: RMF Engineering, Inc. 

Structural Engineer: EM Structural (formerly 4SE, Inc.)

Civil Engineer: HLA

Landscape Architect: ADC Engineering, Inc.

Cost Estimator: Aiken Cost Consultants

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