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McClellanville Middle School Renovation & Addition 

Charleston County School District   |   McClellanville, South Carolina

Built in the 1920’s, this schoolhouse had long been the heart of the small fishing village of McClellanville. However, with the construction of a new facility outside of the village, the building was vacated and remained so for many years.

When the need for a new middle school for the village children arose several years ago, local school officials overlooked the typical solution of again building on the rural outskirts of town. Rather, they chose the old schoolhouse for the location of the new middle school.


In renovating the school, the 1950’s addition was removed and the gym relocated to make room for a new addition. This included ten new classrooms and a new cafeteria. The old school, which had suffered tremendously from neglect, was completely remodeled. Located in the old building were the media center, administration area, conference and lounge areas, and four specialty classrooms. All of the spaces center around a two-story commons area. The relocated gymnasium was restored and functions as a gym and meeting hall for the school and community.

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