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Mount Pleasant Fire Station #4 kitchen bar


in·sight [ín sīt] noun:ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex situation or subject.

Hilton Head Island Fire Station #2 apparatus bay entrance


Contextual Approach

Our Architects meet with the Owner and prime users of the space to gain insight into their needs, resources, and goals for the project. We evaluate the progress of budgets, schedules, and vision on a weekly basis. A successful renovation starts with the field work to understand the existing building. Options are developed, and the Owner’s involvement is critical for the overall success of the project. Using this approach we have transformed woodshops into state-of-the-art labs, outdated research areas into light-filled energetic offices. The best indicator of our past performance is our repeat client list. Over 90% of our firm’s work is for repeat clients. They are satisfied with our work and trust our expertise to provide quality projects that are on-time and in-budget.


Architectural Approach

The Caplea Coe Architects’ office environment is centered on professional consideration and thoughtful design and production. At the inception of a project, our Architects meet with the Owner and prime users of the space to gain full insight into their needs, resources, and goals for the project. We believe in keeping these very needs at the forefront of our efforts. This is especially evident at our weekly meetings, where we evaluate the progress of each project and assess how to maintain budgets, schedules, and vision.


Our clients benefit from a free exchange of ideas and personal contact with our Principals. The Caplea Coe office is structured around a studio arrangement where our Architects are able to openly discuss ideas and designs for our clients. Our clients also benefit from a professional, yet flexible approach to project management. Our staff works together as a team, and all interactions with our clients are handled through one contact within our office to maintain consistency and up-to-date status reports.


Caplea Coe Architects, Inc., employs cutting edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. The software enables us to quickly generate perspectives, walk-throughs, and fully coordinated construction documents.


Budget and Scheduling Success

Every project has to conform to budget restraints imposed on it. The successful architectural firm tackles these issues head on before designing begins. Caplea Coe Architects has over 46 years of success in solving these concerns for our clients. We analyze both the client’s budget and scope of work early on in the process along with consideration of the project schedule. Areas of concern are discussed with our clients and options are developed at all stages of the project. Our track record with State agencies and repeat business indicates our willingness to meet time and budget requirements. It should be noted that in all our years of practice, we have never turned in a project late, had to re-bid a project because it was over the budget, or had a lawsuit or claim filed against us due to errors or omission. Our reputation for getting our projects done within the budget, and on time, speaks for itself.

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